The Goddess Method - How It Works

So what’s the secret behind the Goddess Method system’s success?

Why DO so many Hollywood celebrities, career women and stay-at-home mom’s return again and again to maintain their shape with Marxel’s guidance?

The secret is in what’s called The L3 Factor.

The L3 Factor helps any woman achieve that long, lean look with a unique combination of smooth movements.

Here’s how it works…

The L3 Factor triggers three things to happen during your workout:

  • Your body burns subcutaneous fat.
    Getting your heart rate up, revving up your metabolism, to melt the stubborn, ugly fat that’s hiding your beautifully long muscles.
  • You sculpt, lean, functional muscle.
    Fatiguing targeted muscle groups to exhaustion, using intelligent sequencing of flowing movements proven to work fast.
  • You stretch your body.
    Lengthening and loosening up tendons, ligaments and muscle. So the results are noticeably amplified. Coming even faster.

By integrating all three continuously into your workout, something magical happens...

And it’s all based upon hard science...

I call it the Afterglow Effect.

Here’s the problem with most ordinary workouts. They focus almost exclusively on how much fat you are burning DURING the workout.

Seems reasonable, right?

Do a bunch of sweating, burn a bunch of fat. And THEN you can slip into that pair of skinny jeans you've haven't worn in years.

Great idea, but that's not AT ALL how your body’s metabolism works!

The key to burning the MOST fat possible is to trigger the release of a powerful cocktail of metabolic chemicals DURING your workout.

These chemicals then send the signals to boost your metabolism... burn fat... shape muscle and even slow aging -- all of which happens AFTER your workout is complete.

That’s the Afterglow Effect. And it gets even better...

There’s a ton of scientifically-proven, youth-enhancing, anti-aging benefits
to working out using my method:

  • Your metabolism is revved, immediately boosting your energy...
  • Your metabolism runs cleaner, burning fat for fuel, instead of sugar. This gives you an energy kick that feels like you just had a Starbucks Frappucino...
  • Your metabolism’s little energy powerhouses, called your mitochondria, are multiplied. And that’s because you’re creating new lean, sculpted muscle where your mitochondria reside...
  • A flood of beauty and anti-aging hormones responsible for all of your youthful qualities such as healthy skin tone, strong bones, lean muscle and insatiable sex drive are unleashed...
  • And it’s not just your body that benefits, your brain also feels the difference. Your focus, clarity and concentration are all increased...

And here’s the real kicker:

If you’re older than 30, you can expect results to be magnified.

That’s because after 30, your biological age starts to speed up and age you faster than your chronological age!

You see, the L3 Factor is a catalyst.

Commanding your body to unleash the hormones, intramuscular energy stores and other resources it burned up DURING the workout, so your body’s metabolism can burn fat and sculpt long, lean muscle.

Hours, even days, AFTER your workout.

I can tell you from experience. From the global celebrities... playboy bunnies... and yes, working women and stay-at-home moms that come to my studio?

You really can have it all!

I’ll see you in class!


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