Most Popular Questions About The Goddess Method

  • How quickly will I start to experience results?

    Virtually everyone begins to see significant changes in weight, body composition within the first week. But I guarantee this… follow the program and you WILL see wonderful results within 28 days from now.

  • Is this just a modified form of yoga or Pilates?

    Not if you’ve ever seen yoga with high intensity interval training and THE intelligent sequencing I’ve put together to focus on getting that long, lean look.

    The Goddess Method is something I developed after years and years of research and experimentation when it comes getting what they women want for their bodies.

    Women love it. Even the strict female yogis I know visit me because my classes focus on the thing they can’t get from Yoga or Pilates alone.

  • Why should I believe that this program will work for me when so many others have failed? What have you got that others haven’t?

    If you’ve tried the others, you know the drill. Either boring exercise or sweating like a pig getting bulked up like a wrestler in the process.

    My A-list clients, other than the ones that want to look like The Expendables action heroes, come to me because they want to look feminine, hot, sexy and lean.

    If that’s what you want, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Will I need to be on a restrictive diet for this to work?

    Not necessarily a restrictive diet, but a sensible diet based upon your own body and the results you want to achieve.

    The Bonus Quick Start Nutritional Guide will give the nutritional guidance you need to get a hotter body using The Goddess Method.

    All told, today you’re getting:

  • The Goddess Method Workouts
  • The Goddess Method Manual
  • The Posture Clinic Video
  • The Goddess Method Challenge Calendar
  • The Quick Start Nutrition Guide