About Marxel, Creator Of The Goddess Method


Hey, it’s Marxel. Let me tell you my story…

About 6 years ago, I was extremely out of shape. In poor physical health.

Although I went to the gym and had a basic knowledge of fitness and nutrition… my problem was sustaining ANY fitness regimen long-term.

Nothing would hold my interest and I never saw anything like the results I wanted or expected.

Yet that made me determined…

Determined to find what worked for MY body. And so I dived head first into an incredible fitness journey of experimentation and personal growth.

Through this process I formed incredible friendships with world-class fitness professionals who kindly mentored me on nutrition and exercise.

And as I grew in confidence I became certified in multiple fitness disciplines. Even changing careers to become a health and fitness professional.

I wanted them to be FUN…

And that happened when I implemented engaging, uplifting music to the routines.

Allowing the music beats and tempos to guide the exercises created a fun, energetically uplifting experience. One I know you’ll look forward to every time.

And that is how The Goddess Method became the staple of the Hollywood fitness regime.

A constantly evolving practice that’s always being refined and made accessible to fitness and yoga enthusiasts.

The results and responses from my clients and students have been outstanding.

As I expanded, my practice my classes began to fill up with women and men who wanted to build lean sculpted muscle in the quickest amount of time possible.

Yet spaces were extremely limited.

The waiting list rapidly began to grow as word spread around Hollywood.

Pretty quickly my core audience became women… specifically high profile celebrities… who wanted to be camera and bikin body ready.

They craved their “Marxel sculpting fix”

Eventually, one of my students approached me and said:

“You should really consider making this technique available online or put together a DVD. This needs to get out to more people.”

And that’s how I’m able to talk to you today.

At first I was hesitant. If only because of the time it would take away from my Hollywood students, private clients and my personal practice.

However, celebrity clients encouraged me to go for it. They believe it to be the most effective means to get a sculpted lean physique fast.

And now I’d like to share the experience with you, as well as the community and the secrets to getting that long lean physique fast.

I encourage you to start The Goddess Method today.

Guaranteed, you’ve never experienced a workout like this… and you’ll never see better results than you will with The Goddess Method.

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